RingStor Disaster Recovery


Disaster Recovery by RingStor is a service that provides Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) for the simplest of IT infrastructures to the most complex environments and sensitive data to help companies mitigate risk with complete confidence. RingStor (DRaaS) supports unique requirements such as multi-tiered recovery, mixed configuration environments with physical and virtual machines and complex security requirements. The RingStor DRaaS offers both self-managed and provider-managed data protection and recovery services. RingStor is well known for its Recovery Performance program, which incorporates deliberate processes and services designed to ensure that clients are completely confident that their disaster recovery plan will work when needed.

The RingStor Difference

RingStor has strong professional services and robust onboarding, training and runbook development processes, which are demonstrated through its Recovery Assurance Program. RingStor offers DRaaS solutions designed specifically for all types and sizes of organizations for the small one man office to the enterprise requirements. Our client portal, RingStor Access, allows clients to track and manage service costs, resources, and RPO realization.

RingStor has experience with hybrid recovery configuration (virtual and physical machines) support and experience managing large enterprise recovery configurations. Client-initiated premises-to-cloud fail overs give clients more control over activities. Recovery management simplicity is ideal for enterprise customers. RingStor has recruited and offer application recovery professional services to ensure your confidence in our processes.

RingStor DRaaS prides itself in offering multiple SLA options which are compatible with any backup solution, mitigating the need for a secondary site. This service also supports a number of Windows and virtual platforms, to help protect your data and all your applications, including NAS; Microsoft Windows Server 2008, 2012 and 2016; Microsoft Exchange; Microsoft Office 365 mailboxes; SQL Server, File Server and SharePoint; Red Hat, SUSE and all major Linux; Hyper-V and VMware.

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