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Cloud Storage vs. Cloud Backup: What You Need To Know

Just about everywhere, companies are using the cloud for file storage. Storing directly to the cloud, as opposed to backing up files on another system, can make life simple for many companies, but must be carefully managed to avoid potential disasters. So, what’s the different between cloud storage and cloud backup? Cloud storage provides on-demand…
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Where is my backup?

When you choose a backup software, ask yourself these questions: where is my backup? Is it safe? Different backup software has different answers. For on-premise backup software, such as Symantec backupexec, the backup are saved in local hard drives within your network. While online backup software, such as Carbonite, keep the backup offsite in their…
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Can your data be restored?

The whole purpose of backing up the data is to recover them in case of loss. This sounds straightforward, however, if you dig deeper into this, you will find not all backup software assure this. Some backup software back up the data but store the metadata info on local computer, the backup is quick as…
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Encrypt your data for security before sending them to an online backup service

The first question most people ask for online backup service is if the data is secure offsite. They are aware that almost every online backup providers encrypt customer data in transmission and store them encrypted in their data center. However, technically the data can be decrypted and viewed at the data center without customer involvement.…
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