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Data Storage Market Trends of 2022

Data storage trends for 2022 reveal that the storage industry is evolving quickly. With data management and protection being essential, the future also includes the valuation of data. Organizations need to prepare for storage technologies that are more flexible, secure, and scalable. Storage solutions are no longer just about how to store data and where.…
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Reduce Insurance Costs with Security Policies and Protocols

Businesses of all sizes need insurance to protect assets from a range of calamities. Insurance makes it financially possible to be prepared for all types of eventualities from fires to ransomware. As these risks become more commonplace, having comprehensive coverage is a necessity. But as premiums continue to rise, it’s still possible to reduce insurance…
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Mistakes SMBs Make When Securing Digital Assets

Although cybercriminals target companies of all sizes, SMBs are more vulnerable because they don’t have the resources for expensive data security measures. However there are steps that small and medium businesses (SMBs) can take to reduce the risks. Once a company learns which common security mistakes to avoid, an SMB is in a much better…
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Creating a Robust Business Continuity Plan for Survival

Developing a business continuity plan is essential if you want your business to survive disasters. With a comprehensive plan in place; you can reduce or eliminate risks, costs, and downtime when or if a disaster occurs. A business continuity plan describes all the possible scenarios you may face and the solutions to these problems. By…
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