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Data Backup Trends for 2020

Organizations know they have to take extra precautions to secure their data. Although data backups are commonplace now, new technologies are emerging that provide additional levels of flexibility, management, and protection. The new trends for 2020 will provide more sophisticated opportunities to facilitate growth while securing data. Artificial Intelligence One of the biggest trends in…
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Can Your Private Cloud Backup Handle 4000+ Daily Backups?

An increasing number of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) see the value of having their own private cloud. But you also need to choose a cloud backup application that scales up. With cloud computing, MSPs reap the additional benefit of scalability. Scalability is the capacity and flexibility to change in size and power. With private cloud…
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Why MSPs Need Their Own Private Cloud for Data Backup

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), your customers look to you for the best solutions. While you could send them to public cloud backup services such as Azure or AWS, a better idea is to safeguard your customers’ digital assets with your own private cloud backup service. Data backup is essential for every business, and…
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Understanding the Importance of Cloud Compliance

Compliance is becoming increasingly important for cloud computing providers. As more organizations embrace the benefits of moving data to the cloud, cybersecurity is evolving to keep pace with new security threats and risks. Along with current cloud provider standards, many industries have also imposed regulations and rules about cloud compliance. Understanding the necessity of a…
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