Author: RingStor Team

  • OpenStack vs VMware – The Winner Is …

    There has been many discussion as to which is better – OpenStack or VMware. The debate is not just OpenStack vs. VMWare, but what each platform offers and focuses on. While these two technologies share similarities, there are also important differences. Although both are viable options, in determining which platform is best for your organization’s […]

  • Backup OpenStack in a Linux Environment

    As a cloud operating system, OpenStack is steadily growing in popularity with companies of all types. This open-source platform uses a collection of virtual resources such as computing, storage, and networking services. A data center in a Linux cloud environment offers strong data security and reliability to build and manage both private and cloud public […]

  • Best Reasons for Using Linux Cloud Backup Solutions

    Cloud backup, storage, and recovery are a necessity for averting disasters due to cyberattacks, human errors, and data breaches. Protecting your digital assets is mandatory if you want to stay in business. Although Windows is still the main cloud backup operating system, more IT professionals are turning to Linux-based cloud backup. Some experts now prefer […]

  • Best Security Practices for MSPs

    As an MSP (managed service provider), you are responsible for various tasks, including keeping the digital assets of your clients safe. Security needs to be a priority as MSPs are increasingly the target of attacks. Cybercriminals know that MSPs are the gateway to the networks of numerous clients. Your compromised systems result in your clients’ […]