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Protect Business Digital Assets with RingStor Trifecta

What would happen to your business if a disaster were to strike? Could you get back up and running without any losses, or would you lose so many digital assets that you’d never be able to recover? If you feel like your business would collapse after a disaster, you aren’t alone. Countless businesses aren’t prepared…
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Shared vs. Dedicated Backup Service in Multi-tenant Backup Solution

If you are a managed service provider, or MSP, data backup and restore is the most essential service you provide to your clients. Many MSPs use multi-tenant cloud backup solutions that are flexible, customizable and affordable for customers. However, each customer is unique. Some may require the MSP for premium backup service that utilizes dedicated…
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Cloud Solution to Help Companies Adhere to OSHA Regulation 29 CFD 1910.39

Safety is important, especially in the workplace. Fortunately, there are policies in place to help protect employers and employees, such as action plans for emergency situations. In fact, did you know there's an OSHA regulation on the books that requires organizations with 10 or more employees to have an Emergency Action Plan (EAP)? The specific…
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How Incident Management Can Protect Your Business

Cyber attacks against SMBs are increasing as cyber criminals view small and mid-sized companies as a better target than large companies. Many SMBs don’t have the resources of larger businesses to implement advanced security measures. But more and more SMBs understand the risks of not protecting their companies and the importance of establishing an incident…
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