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Reasons to Use NAS Backup

Businesses know the importance of backing up all data to ensure that the company recovers if there is ever a disaster. Today, businesses have more options for storing and securing their sensitive data. NAS devices are a convenient and affordable choice that is growing in popularity. What is a NAS Device? The NAS (Network Attached…
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Creating an Emergency Action Plans for Business Continuity

Workplace emergencies always happen without warning. With an emergency action plan (EAP) in place, employees can effectively respond to a variety of workplace emergencies. An emergency disrupts business, endangers the safety of employees and customers, and possibly damages property and equipment. Businesses need to keep employees, property and data safe with emergency preparedness strategies. What…
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Building a Business as a Multi-Tenant Cloud Backup Reseller

Cloud backup provides disaster recovery for businesses that want to prepare for every eventuality. With cloud backup growing in importance for business continuity and incident management, multi-tenant backup solutions offer an additional business opportunity for resellers. With reseller programs, any IT consultant or Managed Service Provider (MSP) can increase their monthly revenue by offering in-demand…
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Data Backup Versus Data Storage: Yes, There Is a Difference

People tend to use the terms “data backup” and “data storage” interchangeably these days, so we thought we would take a moment and clear a few things up about that. There are clear differences between the two, and understanding that could mean saving yourself and your business a world of grief down the line. Online…
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