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Data Backup Versus Data Storage: Yes, There Is a Difference

People tend to use the terms “data backup” and “data storage” interchangeably these days, so we thought we would take a moment and clear a few things up about that. There are clear differences between the two, and understanding that could mean saving yourself and your business a world of grief down the line. Online…
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Your Guide to Data Compliance Standards

When it comes to storing, processing, and transmitting consumer data, there are several data compliance standards. Here, we’ll tell you what you need to know about the most important of these standards, including what they are and who needs to pay attention to them. Let’s take a look. PCI: The Payment Card Industry Data Security…
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Pros and Cons of Deduplication in Backup

Deduplication is a specialized data compression technique designed to eliminate duplicate copies of repeating data. It comprises three different methods, each with its own set of rules and extent functions. Depending on the nature of your data, deduplication ratios will vary. Most software is able to achieve 15 percent deduplication or better, depending on the…
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Multi-Tenancy and the Cloud

Multi-tenancy is the foundational process of cloud computing. It operates in degrees that help incorporate all layers of both public and private cloud systems. It offers easy customization between groups and individuals and is capable of delivering full economy of scale. What Is a Tenant Application? A tenant is any kind of application, be it…
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