Backing Up Data of Remote Employees

As more employees work-at-home, organizations have increased concerns. Not only are the workers decentralized, but data loss and security breaches are also more probable. It’s essential that organizations implement reliable backup and recovery policies to ensure that the data of remote workers remains secure and protected.

Challenges of Data Protection for Remote Workers

1. One of the risks of working remotely is no access to onsite IT tech support. Remote workers may face power outages, Internet access disruptions, accidental data deletion, or hardware breakdowns.

2. Employees working from home may use their desktops, laptops or other mobile devices, or company-issued equipment to do their jobs. These remote workers may not be able to easily connect with the corporate system to backup the data. This means that data is not updated which can cause further business problems.

3. Another issue is the limited bandwidth of many home computer networks. If an employee uses a VPN, there could be further limitation on traffic.

4. Employees working from home may get into the habit of saving or backing up their work locally on their personal devices. It can be difficult for at-home employees to securely and regularly backup large amounts of work data on a home computer or laptop instead of on the company network.

The best solution to these challenges is to create and implement company-wide data backup and recovery policies to protect the data of remote workers. This should include putting a remote access system in place.

Why a Centralized Cloud Backup System is the Solution

Creating a backup plan for remote employees can include using public cloud backup services such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud. These providers offer an easy way for remote employees to backup their work data.

Cloud services are a convenient and efficient method for backing up, storing and recovering company data. Workers can quickly setup accounts with one of the popular public cloud providers to ensure that data is protected and available when needed.

This data is then migrated to your organization’s servers. The process is streamlined and secure. A good service provider automatically backs up data and encrypts it during transmission and in storage.

Another benefit is that you can manage all your employees' backups from one desktop console. This service provider console centralizes all of your vital business data and allows you to communicate with remote workstations and laptops and to continuously monitor the data backups of these devices.

The trend of work-at-home employees will only increase as will its challenges. But you can ensure that the data of remote workers is backed up with automatic cloud-based updates of your data.

RingStor is a data management provider with the expertise and flexibility to safeguard all your digital assets and keep them centralized with cloud backup solutions. For more information on our cloud backup software and how it assists with a growing remote workforce, contact us today at (609) 955-3422.

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