Building a Business as a Multi-Tenant Cloud Backup Reseller

Cloud backup provides disaster recovery for businesses that want to prepare for every eventuality. With cloud backup growing in importance for business continuity and incident management, multi-tenant backup solutions offer an additional business opportunity for resellers. With reseller programs, any IT consultant or Managed Service Provider (MSP) can increase their monthly revenue by offering in-demand services to their new and existing customers.

Why Become a Cloud-Based Reseller?

Doing business in the cloud makes it possible to use the best cloud vendor reseller program for your needs. A cloud reseller program helps you to build a business on a multi-tenant backup service. You can expand your current customer base because you now offer a variety of services and features to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. By adding cloud backup solutions, these new technology services allow you to scale your business while giving customers more options.

Cloud backup reselling provides several benefits:

  • Low upfront costs
  • Access to platforms 24/7
  • Retention of customers with changing needs
  • Makes a business seem more comprehensive

How Reselling in Multi-Tenant Backup Works

The cloud vendor has already built the infrastructure, support systems, and provides regular maintenance of the technology. There are many cloud reseller programs available, so you want to partner with a company that has excellent products, enticing commission rate, training materials and user support.

As a cloud backup reseller, you will offer data storage and data backup (both local and remote) services on multi-tenant backup solutions. The multi-tenant backup is an automated process, streamlined for both reseller and customer alike.

There are many features available when offering online backup services. This is important because organizations have different needs and compliance policies. Features include shared and dedicated services in multi-tenant backup solutions.

Standard features include shared services in which the reseller and customers share data storage hardware and network bandwidth. Premium features use a dedicated storage device that only stores and backups the data of one customer or tenant. Another premium feature is dedicated network bandwidth. Dedicated services are for customers who care about security, safety and better performance.

As a reseller, you will become a tenant with dedicated backup services. Because you are building your business on this virtualized foundation, you also have the options to sell directly to end users or to signup other resellers. With so many business ventures possible, building a cloud backup reselling business is a smart move.

For increased profitability and business growth, consider becoming a reseller and enjoying all the benefits. If you’re looking to partner with RingStor as a reseller of our cloud-based multi-tenant backup solutions, contact us today.

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