Encrypt your data for security before sending them to an online backup service

The first question most people ask for online backup service is if the data is secure offsite. They are aware that almost every online backup providers encrypt customer data in transmission and store them encrypted in their data center. However, technically the data can be decrypted and viewed at the data center without customer involvement.

For all customers, their data is private and sometimes critical to their business. A slight of compromise will prevent them from switching to online backup service.

In addition to other security measures in online backup service, RingStor cloud backup also allows customer to specify his/her password per computer. All data are encrypted by this password first, then RingStor agent software applies second encryption, transmits them to cloud storage and stores them as double encrypted.

Customer's password is stored on customer local computer, not transmit to nor stored in cloud. Only customer can restore and view their own data with this password. Thus customer can be assured their data is completely secure in RingStor cloud storage.

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