Need backup NAS?

NAS has become a popular storage device as it is cost-effective, easy to setup and provides ample storage space for files, photo, emails, etc. NAS device is often used as backup device where backup software copy customer's data to NAS for local backup.

But have you ever thought about backing up the NAS device?

The challenge to backup NAS device lies in the software ability to handle millions of files and often terabytes of data. Many backup software out there will degrade or even stop working when number of files grows close to 1 million in one backup. This is because the backup software takes memory and CPU to scan all the files, check index for each file, and read and transmit data to server. This approach is not scalable and will slow down or crash when number of files grow high. RingStor backup agent can handle millions of files in one backup. RingStor builds a parallel processing algorithm in its backup agent, where the agent scans the file, checks index, read data and transmit modified data to cloud, all running at the same time. All processes are chained into a pipeline, where the output of previous process is passed down to next process, thus small amount of memory and CPU are used by agent software, less footprint on user's application server.

In addition, many software won't backup files of 2GB or more, but often many files are big, such as PhotoShop files, CAD files, database files. RingStor agent software has no limit on maximum size of a single file in backup. The agent software uses a proprietary technique to process large file, and significantly cut down the backup time for a single large file.

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