Post-Pandemic Trends MSPs Can Leverage

It may be hard to believe now, but the post-pandemic business world is coming and MSPs - managed service providers – have to be prepared. The ongoing changes and current trends give you a glimpse into upcoming opportunities and how you can take advantage of them to grow your company.

Five Post-Pandemic Trends MSPs Can Leverage

As MSPs, you’re responsible for the functionality and data security of your clients’ organizations. These trends will lead you in the right direction for assisting your clients.

1. More Reliance on MSPs

As many organizations transformed into virtual offices to keep staff safe from Covid-19, your clients increased their reliance on your services because they were in unchartered territory. Clients are concerned about the logistics of how remote workers handle backups, security, cyberattacks, recovery, and other data management challenges.

The sudden transition to virtual workspaces brought with it many problems that had to be resolved quickly. Many clients are looking at MSPs as long-term partners for keeping critical data and systems secure and accessible. As a partnership, you can offer expert advice and introduce new technologies that help to maintain operations during any emergency.

2. A Growing Pool of Talent

The pandemic has led to business closures, both temporarily and permanently, with many IT professionals out of work. This resulted in an exponential increase in available talent. It’s now easier for MSPs to hire the very best from a global pool of experts.

The collective knowledge of these subject matter experts is an invaluable asset to managed service providers.

3. Opportunities to Add Services and Products

As more of the global workforce moves works remotely, there is an increased need for operational efficiency. The development of new technological solutions leads to MSPs offering more complex products and services to meet clients’ expectations and requirements.

An MSP should identify the changing needs of clients and provide the relevant new service or products that are most in-demand. An MSP has more opportunities to offer additional services and products if the business hires professionals with a deep knowledge of that emerging technology. These new offerings add value to an MSP and increase revenue as well.

4. Mergers or Consolidations of MSPs

Another method of supplying a new skill set to clients is for an MSP to buy a company that specializes in the new services you want to offer. Mergers and acquisitions allow an MSP to provide value-added services that can bring in new customers and retain current customers with changing needs.

At the same time, a merger can immediately grow your company’s market share and make it a leader in the industry. With consolidation, an MSP can provide a wider range of services and products with the flexibility and customization that clients have come to expect.

The MSP industry is evolving as the Covid-19 pandemic creates lasting changes in how business is done. MSPs need to be aware of the current trends and become adaptable to remain relevant and in demand.

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