Test drive Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive offers an easy way to upload your photos, videos and files to Amazon cloud for about $60/year for unlimited storage. I went ahead to give a try. From my laptop, I start Amazon Cloud Drive desktop console, select folder and start upload, very easy setup and upload. The desktop console shows the progress, at end, it has uploaded 25,000 files, photos and videos from my laptop, total 17GB in size. From Amazon Cloud Drive web console, I can browse the thumbnail of files just uploaded and select folder to download. I am impressed the user interface and desktop software work well together and make the experience hassle free.

Then I give a more business grade test, select just one VMware disk file, about 20GB, to upload. Amazon Cloud Drive starts to choke. It uploaded about 10GB, then reset itself and starting over again. At end, the file never got uploaded.
In addition, if a file has been uploaded, but modified later on my laptop, I cannot upload and overwrite the old copy in Amazon Cloud Drive. The software will give an error that the same file already exists in the cloud drive. This is rather expected as I have pointed out in a recent blog Data Backup Versus Data Storage: Yes, There Is a Difference.

In summary, Amazon Cloud Drive is perfect for your photos and videos that are relatively small in size and will be kept as archives.

What is your experience with Amazon Cloud Drive?

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