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RingStor has worked with organizations of all sizes across all industries to successfully structure business continuity planning and IT disaster recovery programs to their unique needs. We’re ready to assist you in getting your business continuity program off the ground.

We will help you establish a business continuity steering committee, policy statement, standard operating procedures, and the tools necessary to drive preparedness and continual improvement. This effort will clarify expectations, enable meaningful management involvement, and set a solid foundation for the development of a business continuity management system.

It’s critical to engage senior leadership from the very beginning to establish goals and objectives for the program. Engaging leadership ensures the program aligns to the strategic needs of the organization and enables management to continuously allocate resources and prioritize continual improvement opportunities based on scope change and performance measurement results.


Business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) planning is a vital part of an organization’s ability to remain operational in the event of a business interruption. Our professional planning services help you meet your specific BC/DR objectives, whether they involve modernizing your current BC/DR program, developing a new plan or meeting compliance requirements.

RingStor LifeJacket Services

Busy with your current daily responsibilities? RingStor LifeJacket professional team can provide services at an affordable price. Upon your approval, our team can deliver many services so you can focus on most essential parts:

  • Initial consulting to identify key risk areas in your business location and operation
  • Discover devices in your network and software applications on the servers
  • Quantified business impact analysis to identify which part of business costs most in case of interruption
  • Draft emergency action plans based on your business operations
  • Data entry of your organization, personals and etc. into RingStor LifeJacket
  • Quarterly review and update of your business recovery procedures
  • Quarterly test of your business recovery procedures

Contact RingStor LifeJacket team to get started! We are here to help to protect your business!

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