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Encrypt your data for security before sending them to an online backup service

The first question most people ask for online backup service is if the data is secure offsite. They are aware that almost every online backup providers encrypt customer data in transmission and store them encrypted in their data center. However, technically the data can be decrypted and viewed at the data center without customer involvement.…
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Data Storage Market Trends in 2016

As 2016 progresses, the data storage landscape will continue to shift, change, and evolve. So what storage market trends should you anticipate this year? Let’s take a look. The market for hyper-converged solutions and infrastructure will see significant growth. In hyper-converged infrastructure, the storage controller function runs as a service on each of the nodes…
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Test drive Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive offers an easy way to upload your photos, videos and files to Amazon cloud for about $60/year for unlimited storage. I went ahead to give a try. From my laptop, I start Amazon Cloud Drive desktop console, select folder and start upload, very easy setup and upload. The desktop console shows the…
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