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When it comes to dealing with the unexpected, facilities managers always need to be prepared for the worst. That’s why it’s crucial that facilities managers ensure comprehensive and robust crisis and facility management systems are in place at their organizations.

Research consistently shows that organizations that have invested the time, funds, and resources into implementing these systems report significantly higher levels of crisis preparedness. This can help an organization to fully minimize and mitigate the financial and reputational implications of an incident and help to ensure that the organization can get itself back up and running as quickly as possible.

Whether you need to manage routine disruptive events or major emergencies, crisis and incident management systems – including easy-to-use crisis management and mass notification tools – will dramatically simplify your emergency preparedness and business continuity processes. Organizations that currently invest in these systems have reported higher levels of preparedness in the face of crises thanks to the following:

  • Standardized processes related to incident management
  • Simplified test exercises and team training
  • Improved access to resources, templates, and plans
  • Improved task status and project checklist visibility
  • Improved communication accuracy and speed

What Makes RingStor’s LifeJacket So Special?

When it comes to incident management systems, RingStor’s LifeJacket suite is one of the best options on the market. Not only does it provide facilities managers with the tools needed for effective and comprehensive crisis resolution so disruptive events are snuffed out quickly, but it also allows managers to improve the communication of information between team members in the time of a crisis without disrupting the overall business.

How? For starters, the LifeJacket suite grants facilities managers access to a centralized SaaS location, so they can organize emergency action plans and log incident reports. As an added bonus, LifeJacket is cloud-based, meaning it can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

RingStor LifeJacket Services

Busy with your current daily responsibilities? RingStor LifeJacket professional team can provide services at an affordable price. Upon your approval, our team can deliver many services so you can focus on most essential parts:

  • Initial consulting to identify key risk areas in your business location and operation
  • Discover devices in your network and software applications on the servers
  • Quantified business impact analysis to identify which part of business costs most in case of interruption
  • Draft emergency action plans based on your business operations
  • Data entry of your organization, personals and etc. into RingStor LifeJacket
  • Quarterly review and update of your business recovery procedures
  • Quarterly test of your business recovery procedures

Contact RingStor LifeJacket team to get started! We are here to help to protect your business!

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