iDataStreams ensures that no matter what happens to your device, your data is always accessible. An optimal option for those who just have one server or computer to back up, iDataStreams is a standalone backup software that can be tailored to meet a range of unique needs. With iDataStreams, you may elect to back up data to local hard drives (either incremental or full) or replicate data offsite using local backup to a public cloud storage option or to an FTP server.

iDataStreams is a must-have for any kind of device emergency or failure. iDataStreams is a comprehensive software program that allows for quick restore from local backups, and it also facilitates the recovery of local backups via remote offsite replication. It is highly advantageous to have in the event of a computer crash or burned hard drive, as it allows you to quickly and easily restore data from the cloud to a brand-new computer. Not only will you never have to risk the loss of any of your important data, but you can also easily and quickly transfer it to a new device in the event of an unforeseen emergency. This prevents downtime, which can cost you valuable time and money, and allows you to avoid the hassle of manual transfers.

Major Features

  • Backup files on Windows machine
  • Backup files to local storage, public cloud or ftp server
  • Browse, select and restore most recent or history versions
  • Recover data from public cloud or ftp server
  • Backup open file, system-locked file
  • Block-level deduplication
  • Customized data retention and purging
  • Task scheduling and management

Software Prerequisites



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