RingStor Backs up Big Data

There are several challenges to backup big data to remote cloud location.

  • Scalability of backup agent software
  • Transmission of data to remote cloud
  • Restore big data from remote cloud

Scalability of backup agent software

RingStor Licenses DataAgent backup software is designed with scalability in mind since beginning. It is proven at customers’ sites to handle millions of files and terabytes of data with small footprint on the host machine. RingStor Licenses takes one step further for big data backup by providing a local base line backup feature to eliminate usage of internet bandwidth for data transfer.

Transmission of data to remote cloud

Backup millions of files and terabytes of data via public internet to remote cloud is not feasible, in fact, it will never work. RingStor Licenses DataAgent allows customer to run the first full backup to a locally connected NAS device or other storage devices. The base line backup will use no public internet for data transfer and run much faster so the first full backup of terabytes of data can be done as soon as possible for protection. The NAS device is shipped to remote cloud location, plugged into a DataServer in cloud, base line backup is imported into cloud with no bandwidth used.

After the first base line backup is done and imported into cloud, customer’s terabytes of data is now protected. Any data loss on customer’s premise can be recovered from cloud. Subsequent incremental backup will send only changes to the cloud via internet.

Restore big data from remote cloud

Similarly as first full backup, due to large amount of data, restore such over public internet is not feasible and will never work on time.

RingStor Licenses cloud is designed to restore large amount of data inside the cloud, ie, a local restore is provided to quickly recover large amount of data to a local storage device with no bandwidth used. The NAS with restored data is shipped to customer for recovery.

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