RingStor’s VMware Backup

VMware ESXi server can host multiple virtual machine instances. RingStor provides full and differential backup methods for VMware instance. In addition, RingStor supports three backup destinations for VMware virtual machine backup where backup data can be saved and managed.

Full Backup vs. Differential Backup

Full Backup – The snapshot is taken and all contents in the snapshot is backed up.
Differential Backup – The snapshot is taken and only modified blocks in snapshot since last full backup are backed up.

Backup Data Destination

Staging Folder

Staging folder is a folder residing inside VMware instance on ESXi server. It should be on a mounted volume with enough free space to store the VMware instance snapshots. From RingStor Explorer, customer can review volumes and their free spaces and select one to be staging folder.

Local Backup Folder

Local backup folder is a folder residing on an external hard drive such as NAS that are accessible by RingStor DataAgent. RingStor DataAgent is a light weight agent software program running on a computer outside of VMware ESXi server. From RingStor Explorer UI, customer can set local backup folder for all backups on this DataAgent.


Optionally, customer can choose to replicate the backup from local backup folder to cloud for offsite and remote protection.

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