RingStor’s Bare Metal Backup

RingStor bare metal backup protects hard drive(s) on a Windows PC or server, not only customer’s data is protected, the OS and all application software installed on the computer are also backed up by bare metal backup agent.

In addition, RingStor supports two backup destinations where backup data for hard drive images can be saved and managed.

Full Backup vs. Differential Backup

Full Backup – The snapshot of hard drive(s) is taken and all contents in the snapshot is backed up.
Differential Backup – The snapshot is taken and only modified blocks in snapshot since last full backup are backed up.

Backup Data Destination

Local Backup Folder

Local backup folder is a folder residing on an external hard drive such as NAS that are accessible by RingStor DataAgent.


Optionally, customer can choose to replicate local backup to cloud for offsite and remote protection.

Restore Options

RingStor bare metal backup agent provides three different restore options for customer.

Restore to a physical Windows PC or server

In case a replacement of physical server is required, RingStor Licenses provides step by step instructions how to restore the bare metal backup image onto a new machine with similar hardware.

Restore to a virtual hard drive

Virtual hard drive, or VHD, can be created and partitioned by RingStor agent software, and then bare metal backup image is restored to this VHD.

Customer may choose mount VHD to Oracle VirtualBox or Windows Hyper-V to start the original system as a virtual machine.

Mount the backup image, browse and select files/folders to restore

If only a few files or folders need restored, RingStor agent software can mount the bare metal backup image, customer can browse the file system, select individual files or folders to restore.

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