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Web-based Incident Log, Emergency Action and Recovery Planning

RingStor LifeJacket provides a simplified and standardizes incident management solution that will increase your organizational resiliency.  Our easy-to-use, cloud-based solution is available anytime, anywhere including on mobile devices. The centralized dashboard creates a common operating picture as each event unfolds which enables faster decision-making and more effective response. 

Emergency Action Plans

A business can experience many disruptions during a given day, but when it does, it’s vital that it knows how to respond. Having a good emergency action plan in place, such as the one RingStor offers, makes this easier. Why? Business leaders can alert customers, ensure their employees’ safety, manage schedule conflicts and changes, and ensure all necessary teams are up to speed on the situation. read more

RingStor LifeJacket portal provides three emergency action plan templates:

  • CDC Emergency Action Plan Template
  • CDC Evaluation Plan Template
  • OSHA Emergency Action Plan Template

Sign up at RingStor LifeJacket to fill in the template and manage your emergency action plans online!

Collaborative Incident Management Tools

RingStor LifeJacket can dramatically improve an organization’s readiness and ability to effectively manage unplanned incidents by making event management collaborative, simple, and tractable.  The tool can be pre-configured to help facilities management teams manage a wide variety of disruptive events such data breaches, facilities damage and more by providing a collaboration platform that serves as a virtual command center. read more

Business Continuity Planning

An organization faced with a physical security threat first needs to take steps to ensure the safety of employees and customers. Next comes securing the facilities themselves, RingStor can help with tools for interactive communications and field information sharing. read more

Facility Management

When it comes to dealing with the unexpected, facilities managers always need to be prepared for the worst. That’s why it’s crucial that facilities managers ensure comprehensive and robust crisis and facility management systems are in place at their organizations. read more

RingStor LifeJacket Services

Busy with your current daily responsibilities? RingStor LifeJacket professional team can provide services at an affordable price. Upon your approval, our team can deliver many services so you can focus on most essential parts:

  • Initial consulting to identify key risk areas in your business location and operation
  • Discover devices in your network and software applications on the servers
  • Quantified business impact analysis to identify which part of business costs most in case of interruption
  • Draft emergency action plans based on your business operations
  • Data entry of your organization, personals and etc. into RingStor LifeJacket
  • Quarterly review and update of your business recovery procedures
  • Quarterly test of your business recovery procedures

Contact RingStor LifeJacket team to get started! We are here to help to protect your business!

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