RingStor is an excellent option for IT operations, data center managers, and storage management professionals for organizations of all sizes seeking a cost-effective, centralized managed storage solution. With data exponentially increasing and budgets remaining flat, RingStor offers a versatile way to accommodate growth inexpensively and in a more holistic fashion.

RingStor offers data backup and recovery solutions that are less expensive than traditional virtualization solutions with no third party hardware dependency, cost-effective scalability, and central data backup and recovery control across multi-platforms, with integration of all repositories including the ability to provision a private storage cloud.

RingStor’s software enables an easier way to oversee data backup and recovery. Highly configurable, the rapidly deployed solution enables comprehensive backup and recovery parameters to be set at different levels, including directing data to interconnected repositories. Patented technology enables faster and more efficient backups and recovery while the cross-platform software enables complete organization in one coherent solution.

Our professional solution boasts:

  • Unlimited capacity for managing storage and recovery.
  • No need to rely on third party infrastructure.
  • User-level configurability.
  • Central hub for managing all storage devices and internal/external options.
  • No additional costs for “White-Labeling”.
  • Reinforced data security.

Contact RingStor to set up an evaluative demo and a free 30-day trial today.

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