Basketball coach CV

When you write your CV for a basketball coaching job, you should include certain nuances of your own career that will show you on your best professional side to the person reading your CV.

Below we present a resume example for basketball coach.
Briefly summarize your education. All coaches graduated from high school, and it's entirely possible that all graduated from college. Mention where you went to high school and university, also if you graduated with honours. Depending on your coaching experience, you may need to strengthen your education section to make up for the lack of experience, but what really makes a sports person is your job as a mentor.

It is a good idea to briefly outline what your responsibilities were in a previous job, for example: Managing the physical education of athletes, creating a physical education programme, organising competitions, domestic and city championships, organising section work, teaching and coaching activities.

Your results-orientation is demonstrated by your track record in previous jobs. Let the employer know about your enthusiasm and energy at the interview.

How to describe personal qualities attractively

"Responsibility, communication, punctuality" - this is on many resumes. The "Additional information" section is certainly useful to the recruiter, but before you fill it out, think about which of your personal qualities might interest the employer and which are irrelevant.

The personal qualities of a basketball coach can include such criteria as: high capacity for work, communication skills, stress resistance, career orientation, ability to travel, no bad habits and a sense of humour.

Put your former employers' contacts and characteristics that describe you on your resume. If your resume catches the eye of the decision maker, they are likely to contact your former employer as well as any other contacts you feel would give a positive reference about you. Always make sure that your contacts know that you have given information about them so that they are not surprised when contacted.