Monthly Archives: April 2016

Perfect Your Backup with Both NAS SSD and NAS HDD

A NAS storage device is an excellent backup and recovery solution. For an IT service provider, when it comes to your network-attached storage drive, or NAS, it can be difficult to decide whether to install a solid state drive (SSD) or a hard drive (HDD) to design a backup and recovery solution. Here, we'll evaluate…
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Cloud Backup Strategies: Points to Consider for Business Continuity

With all the threats to networks out there today, it is essential that businesses invest in cloud storage solutions. Unfortunately, the prevalence of such threats also means businesses need to have backup plans in place when their primary backups fail. There are several strategies businesses can implement to prevent disasters when cloud backups go down…
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The Software-Defined Storage Backup/Recovery Market

The philosophy underlying SDS is that data services and management control are both abstracted from the storage appliance, allowing for agility and scale in operations, while preventing the historical lock-in to specific vendors that has pushed storage costs up significantly. Clearly, this looks like an attractive business proposition to the IT community, which has led…
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