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Business Recovery

Include Software, Offsite Vault, DRaaS and Business Continuity Plan. more

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Support Windows PC, Server, ChromeBooks, Linux and Mac. more

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Multi-Tenant Backup

Tailored Solution for Your Customer in Just A Few Clicks. more

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Superior Scalability

US Patented Cloud Technology, Proven Scalability.

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Request a 30-minute demo to see how RingStor can protect your business [button text=”request demo” link=”request-demo/” style=”default” size=”normal” target=”_self” display=”inline” icon=”no”][/content_plane] [/span12] [/row] [spacer][spacer] [row] [span2]

Contact Info
USA – New Jersey,
103 Carnegie Center,
Suite 300
Princeton, NJ 08540
tel: (609) 955-3422
fax: (609) 228-5299

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Meet Two Bobs

Be the successful Bob! Start a free trial at RingStor Trifecta
Looking for incident tracking, emergency action planning? Sign up a free trial at RingStor LifeJacket


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Customer Testimonials:

“…RingStor can protect your data with multiple backup types to any media at almost any frequency. You can’t go wrong and won’t be disappointed with this powerful tool…”– JD Zluticky, President, Essential IT Services, Inc.
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Supported Public Cloud Supported Platforms
Amazon S3 Windows Azure Windows Mac OS Chromebooks Red Hat SUSE Debian Ubuntu FreeBSD



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