Protect critical data for your business

RingStor is cross-platform and multi-tenant backup solution. It supports all Windows PC/servers, NAS, Linux, most virtual machines and more.

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Full Solution

RingStor Enterprise provides a complete software package that include both cloud side software and backup agent software.


Multi-community & Multi-level community support with customizable license & rights.

OpenStack Support

RingStor unique backup solution for OpenStack allows business to protect large amount of OpenStack volumes fast and secure.

Scalable & Adaptable

Private Cloud Backup

Designed for MSP to provide customized daily backup for clients across internet

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Cloud-Based Solutions

US patented private cloud backup solution with proven scalability and stability.


Unique backup solution to protect OpenStack instances and volumes, protect vital business data fast and secure.

Business Customization

RingStor is designed for MSP’s, IT resellers/consulting firms, and commercial entities, and white label ready.

Lifetime Support

Support is available to licensed customers at no additional cost.

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Backup OpenStack in a Linux Environment

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On June 5, 2023

How AI can help data backup

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