Shared vs. Dedicated Backup Service in Multi-tenant Backup Solution
April 2, 2018

If you are a managed service provider, or MSP, data backup and restore is the most essential service you provide to your clients. Many MSPs use multi-tenant cloud backup solutions that are flexible, customizable and affordable for customers. However, each customer is unique. Some may require the MSP for premium backup service that utilizes dedicated network bandwidth and separated high performance storage hardware. In this instance, managed service providers should be ready to offer premium backup services that go beyond the standard options.

With shared services the customers of a cloud based application share the network bandwidth and data storage hardware. A premium service provides options for the MSP’s customers such as dedicated and faster daily backup.

There are two premium features that MSP’s multi-tenant backup solution should be able to offer.

Dedicated Network Bandwidth

Bandwidth is an important consideration when using multi-tenancy cloud-based backup. With most backup services, the bandwidth in MSP’s data center is shared by all the tenants or customers. This can be problematic if one of your customers, on occasion, has an unusually large volume of data to backup. In such cases, you want a backup service that offers select customers the option of dedicated Internet bandwidth for faster backup performance.

Dedicated Storage Device

With multi-tenancy backup, shared data storage is usually the standard. However, if your customer has concerns about security, wants better performance, or plans to upgrade from a HDD (hard disk drive) to a SSD (solid state drive) then the best option is a dedicated storage device that only stores their data.

Multi-tenant cloud backup solutions typically provide a host of features to suit the needs of any organization. But sometimes a customer needs premium services to satisfy data and security policies. For these customers, dedicated cloud-based capabilities are the answer.

If you are considering providing both shared and dedicated backup services to your customers within one holistic multi-tenant cloud backup solution, contact RingStor today at (609) 955-3422 for information how RingStor private cloud backup can deliver to your customer in just a few clicks.