Backup OpenStack in a Linux Environment
June 14, 2022

As a cloud operating system, OpenStack is steadily growing in popularity with companies of all types. This open-source platform uses a collection of virtual resources such as computing, storage, and networking services. A data center in a Linux cloud environment offers strong data security and reliability to build and manage both private and cloud public infrastructures. Backing up all OpenStack data, databases, volumes, and virtual machines are made easier in a Linux cloud.

Why Adopt OpenStack?

There are several reasons why so many organizations are adopting OpenStack as an open-source cloud computing solution. A few of the main benefits of this platform are as follows:

1. Free Platform

OpenStack is one of the most respected free opensource platforms, used by big-name multi-national companies. Although VMware is also popular, it’s far more expensive than OpenStack. This has led to OpenStack replacing VMware in many cases. This makes OpenStack a better choice for smaller companies and organizations that want a cloud-based solution. If you also use the Linux operating system, another free open-source platform, you can save even more money setting up your clouds.

2. Scalability

With a cloud-based system, you have more flexibility than you would with physical servers. OpenStack is easier to use because it is designed for scalability. With OpenStack, you can scale up or scale down depending on your changing capacity demands. Scaling up or down occurs by creating or deleting new instances of operating systems. Using OpenStack allows you to easily adjust to computing demands for particular tasks.

3. Big Companies Driving Demand

Big companies from all over the globe are driving the surge in OpenStack demand. Some companies are engaged in collaborative software development by contributing code to OpenStack or by reviewing or testing code. When large corporations such as Walmart, Paypal, AT&T, Ericsson, Verizon, and Facebook announce they are using OpenStack for certain projects, other companies follow in their footsteps because the opensource platform is available for use on Windows or Linux.

How to Protect Data in OpenStack

As you deploy virtual machines in OpenStack, you need to know how to protect your data inside the VM. One of the best ways to secure your virtual machine disks and your crucial data is with encryption. The use of a VPN (virtual private network) helps restrict direct Internet connectivity. The VPN isolates network traffic and shields it from threats such as ransomware and data breaches.

You can also protect virtual machines in OpenStack with antimalware software from top vendors. Backing up data is essential for storage and recovery. Another method to protect data is meeting all compliance requirements.

RingStor’s Backup Solutions Work Well with OpenStack

In the OpenStack environment, there are numerous tools or projects to handle all your computing tasks. RingStor, a well-respected data management company, provides an all Linux-based cloud backup solution for organizations of all sizes. This solution works seamlessly with OpenStack. RingStor backs up OpenStack’s virtual machines and volumes for an additional layer of security and protection for all your digital assets. Once backed up, you can quickly restore volumes or VMs or recover files and folders when needed.

Creating robust cloud backups for your data is possible by using OpenStack and Linux with RingStor. If you want stronger protection for your digital assets, contact the experts at RingStor to discuss OpenStack and our all Linux-based cloud backup solution. Email us or call today at (609) 955-3422.