Best Reasons for Using Linux Cloud Backup Solutions
May 18, 2022

Cloud backup, storage, and recovery are a necessity for averting disasters due to cyberattacks, human errors, and data breaches. Protecting your digital assets is mandatory if you want to stay in business. Although Windows is still the main cloud backup operating system, more IT professionals are turning to Linux-based cloud backup. Some experts now prefer to use Linux servers, ideally ones dedicated to backups. The reason for the growing popularity of the Linux operating system for cloud backups is the many benefits of this open-source platform.

The Benefits of Linux Cloud Backup

1. Ease of Use

It’s simpler to backup data on Linux servers rather than Windows servers. Linux treats everything – folders, databases, configurations – like a file whereas Windows depends more on its operating system and Windows registry. Linux can just package the files and unpackage them.

2. Shared But Also Dedicated

Generally, cloud backup involves shared servers. However, with Linux cloud backup, each organization on the shared server has its own dedicated and separate security feature, RAM, and CPU.

3. Reduced Costs

Unlike Windows, Linux is a free operating system. Linux is also cheaper to run due to its dedicated features and software support. If you set up dedicated cloud servers for your business, you would face exorbitant costs.

4. Speed

Because of the simplicity and ease of Linux backup, you have greater speeds and uptimes than a Windows system. Also, over time Windows becomes slugging and slow down, unlike Linux.

5. More Software Options

Linux has many software options to make the backups easier. While most backup software is Windows-specific, some apps work on Linux systems as well. Some utilities and tools create backup files, collect files for archiving, compress files, and copy files. There is also Linux-specific open-source software and proprietary software.

6. Security

Linux is more secure and reliable than Windows. For example, you usually don’t need antivirus software for a Linux machine. Although Linux does have vulnerabilities just as Windows does, they are generally far fewer in number. Linux is also more efficient. Unlike Windows, you don’t have to reboot every time you add, remove, modify, or update software.

7. Privacy

With Linux systems, you have more privacy because the open-source platform does collect as much data as the Windows operating system.

8. Control

Because of its stability, Linux gives users greater control. You have more options for building and customizing the servers, thereby ensuring you get what you need.

Major companies like Google use the Linux platform because of its security, speed, simplicity, and reliability among other features. A Linux-based cloud backup solution provides benefits to small organizations as well, such as lower costs. Although Windows-based cloud backup is still effective, organizations are realizing how much more powerful the Linux machine is, so it’s a good choice for any company in any industry.

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