Founded in 2011, RingStor, based in Princeton, New Jersey, is an innovative data management company providing digital asset backup, incident management, emergency action and business continuity planning software solutions. Taking its name from the technical architecture involved in data storage, RingStor provides cost-effective, cross-platform, multi-tenant solutions renowned for high performance and reliability. The solutions are rapidly deployable, configurable to fit any infrastructure situation, and easily managed.

RingStor has assembled the key components that any business needs to ensure a disaster does not seriously damage your business or even worse put you out of business.

RingStor offers two superior products to protect your business:

RingStor TrifectaComplete digital asset backup and recovery software suite.

RingStor Trifecta provides three essential elements to protect your business digital assets. A mix of local and remote backup will best safeguard your critical data and ensure you can bring them back when you need them. read more

  • Vault – secure remote backup for all your critical digital assets. Nervous about your local backup strategy – then the RingStor Vault provides the answer. read more
  • DRaaS – need to know you can recover quickly? Then Disaster Recovery as a Service from RingStor is your answer. read more
  • BCP – Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is the ability to be prepared. By being organized you will save time and money in any recovery process. read more

RingStor Life JacketWeb based incident log, emergency action and business continuity planning

Our Life Jacket product provides a structured approach to develop your emergency action plans that allow your stakeholders to access the necessary information required in the event of a business interruption. read more

  • Incident Response and Tracking – log an incident and track every response for the incident with photos, alert your employees via SMS message. read more
  • Emergency Action Processes – knowing what to do when the emergency happens. read more
  • Recovery Procedures – the sooner you recover, the less impact on your business. read more


The winning team at RingStor provides comprehensive services and product approach to disruptive events, whether you experience a minor outage or a significant interruption.

Click here to request a 30-minute demo and see how RingStor can protect your business.

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