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RingStor - Comprehensive business continuity service

Founded in 2011, RingStor, based in Princeton, New Jersey, is an innovative data management company providing digital asset backup, incident management, emergency action and business continuity planning software solutions. Taking its name from the technical architecture involved in data storage, RingStor provides cost-effective, cross-platform, multi-tenant solutions renowned for high performance and reliability. The solutions are rapidly deployable, configurable to fit any infrastructure situation, and easily managed.

RingStor has assembled the key components that any business needs to ensure a disaster does not seriously damage your business or even worse put you out of business.


What customers say about RingStor?

For many years we have struggled with finding the ‘perfect’ backup / disaster recovery (BUDR) software. The biggest issue is the need for different backup sets. In today’s environment of rapid data growth, it is often necessary to have at least 3 separate backup types: Bare Metal Restore (BMR) for Disaster Recovery, Local backups for Files and Databases like Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Exchange for speedy data recovery, often due to human error, and a ‘forever incremental’ cloud backup for frequent offsite backups to preserve working data. With the growing acceptance of virtualization, the BUDR landscape becomes even more complicated because the backup and restore versions may have to cross the physical / virtual barrier as well. With so many requirements and so many options, it is no wonder that the average small and medium sized business (SMB) rarely backups their data, and when they do, rarely perform test restores, or even check the logs. Many IT professionals spend huge budgets to purchase Imaging software, local backup solutions (both hardware and software) and still pay for expensive cloud and/or virtualized systems. RingStor literally changes that landscape. RingStor is easy to deploy and uses very few resources. It is hardware agnostic, so you can backup to virtually any type of media you cannot to your system. But don’t let it’s small footprint, incredible flexibility, or reasonable (not cheap but reasonable) price fool you – RingStor is the true Swiss Army Knife of the BUDR world, but better. RingStor combines BMR, Local File and Database Backups, and Forever Incremental Cloud Backups in single platform. BMRs can be restored manually or automatically, to either virtual or physical media. Local File and Database backups and restores are fast and efficient. Cloud based backups can be restored to the original destination or to a local device wherever you keep your RingStor Infrastructure. Does your BUDR strategy require super-fast SAS/SSD Drives or NAS devices that start out at $50,000 and climb rapidly? No problem. Want to back up to an external usb hard drive or anything in between? No problem. You have the freedom to decide because RingStor is hardware agnostic. Need scalability? They have covered that covered too. In our extensive testing, there is almost nothing this system can’t do! I highly recommend RingStor to any customer, from an owner/operator to a Fortune 100 company, RingStor can protect your data with multiple backup types to any media at almost any frequency. You can’t go wrong and won’t be disappointed with this powerful tool.”
— JD Zluticky, President, Essential IT Services, Inc.

Essential IT Services is an outsource provider of information technology services for SMB companies in a number of different industries. Essential IT Services specializes in increasing the product and efficiency of our customers, assisting them in lowering their Total Cost of Ownership in the their IT Infrastructure, and maximizes their Return on Investment with their IT purchases. Essential IT Services is located in Wichita, KS and was founded in 1994.

Essential IT Services provides technology services to customers in Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Iowa.

RingStor is a critical element of our backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity plans for our customers. RingStor has mastered the art of powerful, yet light weight backups. The platform is easy to deploy. Agents can be installed in minutes and backup jobs created and started even faster. There is a certain genius in the uncomplicated user interface, and a definite power in the flexibility of the features and options. If you are looking for a single backup solution to handle everything from forever incremental cloud backups to bare metal restores, RingStor delivers in an excellent fashion. One of the best features of RingStor is that it puts you in the driver’s seat to control your storage costs. This is possible because RingStor was designed to work with virtually any storage medium from external USB hard drives to NAS devices or even high end SANs. Combine all of this with unbeatable customer service and support, and you just can’t find a better a solution anywhere for any price. I have been constantly amazed at our direct access to developers and their willingness to make modifications and feature enhancements to accommodate our usage. I highly recommend the RingStor platform because it has everything we need to ensure the successful protection of our customers’ data. You won’t be disappointed!”
— CEO of a IT service provider