Business interruptions can happen anytime and cost you money.

  • Burst water pipe in the office above yours floods your computer closet.
  • Electrical fire in your office kitchen sets off the sprinkler system
  • Down telephone pole 2 blocks away cuts power and communications
  • Major storm stops employees from getting to the office

Not one of these scenarios is catastrophic – but they can be very costly in terms of time lost, customers lost, shipments missed and more – lots more.

RingStor has developed the Trifecta. Solutions that will assist you in planning for these interruptions and minimize the cost getting your business back up and running.

  • RingStor BCP planning tool is a web-based solution to help you organize your most important business processes, define risks and cost associated with an interruption. We even provide a service so we with you for tabletop testing and scenario development to minimize outage.
  • RingStor Vault. Leveraging our relationship with the ODC N2 data center, we provide a comprehensive remote/cloud backup facilities for all of your critical data and operating systems.      
  • RingStor DRaaS – Our disaster recovery service provides you with a real-time failover to ensure optimal up-time for your mission critical applications. This includes having your domain server ready to facilitate the immediate restoration of any or all of your applications, data, and services you require for business operations.           





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