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Need backup NAS?

NAS has become a popular storage device as it is cost-effective, easy to setup and provides ample storage space for files, photo, emails, etc. NAS device is often used as backup device where backup software copy customer's data to NAS for local backup. But have you ever thought about backing up the NAS device? The…
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Backup up over TB data with RingStor cloud

For enterprise that has an initial set of 1 TB or more data, there are a few issues to do an online backup: 1. bandwidth limits Transferring TB of data over network is not trivial, even though the data might be compressed before transmit. Compression ratio depends on the compression algorithm, but mostly it depends…
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Cloud Storage vs. Cloud Backup: What You Need To Know

Just about everywhere, companies are using the cloud for file storage. Storing directly to the cloud, as opposed to backing up files on another system, can make life simple for many companies, but must be carefully managed to avoid potential disasters. So, what’s the different between cloud storage and cloud backup? Cloud storage provides on-demand…
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Where is my backup?

When you choose a backup software, ask yourself these questions: where is my backup? Is it safe? Different backup software has different answers. For on-premise backup software, such as Symantec backupexec, the backup are saved in local hard drives within your network. While online backup software, such as Carbonite, keep the backup offsite in their…
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