Backup up over TB data with RingStor cloud

For enterprise that has an initial set of 1 TB or more data, there are a few issues to do an online backup:

1. bandwidth limits

Transferring TB of data over network is not trivial, even though the data might be compressed before transmit. Compression ratio depends on the compression algorithm, but mostly it depends on what kind of files, binary or text. For text files, it is high, but not much different for binary files. So for 1 TB data, assume 50% compression, we have 500GB data to transmit thru network. For online backup, it is not best way to send these amount of data via public internet.

2. backup window

Every enterprise has a short window to backup the live data on server, typically during night time when the traffic to the server is low. During these few hours, it is changeling to complete backup large amount of data. For example, if LAN is at 100mbps, assume backup takes over all the bandwidth, it will take about one day to send 1TB data. This will certainly impact the performance of the server during normal business hours.

RingStor patented cloud backup is designed to resolve these issues. It comes with a “Local Backup” feature where the initial set of 1 TB or more can be backed up to a locally attached hard drive, once the local backup is done, index is generated for next incremental backup, the backup data on the hard drive can be imported into RingStor cloud as baseline. This approach will have no impact on the bandwidth, and backup the initial set in a much shorter time line.