Build Distribution Channels as a Multi-Tenant Cloud Backup Reseller

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), using multi-tenant cloud backup solutions provides a host of opportunities for growing your company. As an MSP working as a reseller of cloud backup services, you have an excellent source of additional revenue. The benefits to MSPs continue to evolve if you use a cloud backup vendor that also helps you to build independent distribution channels or levels.

Become A Cloud-Backup Reseller

As a reseller, you get a license to top-notch multi-tenant cloud backup solutions. This enables you to quickly and easily set up branded data backup and storage capabilities as a new service. In addition to low costs and 24/7 access, as an MSP, you also appear to be a more robust company. The reseller program expands your service offerings which allow you to appeal to a larger customer base with varying needs. This wider reach helps you to scale your business.

Create Distribution Channels

Once there is a multi-tenant cloud backup solution in place, an MSP has endless opportunities. An MSP can offer cloud backup to end-users such as existing customers, or other consultants and managed service providers. Another possibility is that customers of an MSP can become independent resellers, offering cloud backup to their own customers.

By establishing distribution channels that resell the cloud-based backup service, MSPs expand their businesses. You can build many levels of reselling or distribution channels with a multi-tenancy cloud back-up system.

Delegate Administration Tasks

There are several advantages to becoming a reseller, including having less work to do. The cloud backup vendor builds and maintains the infrastructure and has a support system in place. Although MSPs have control of the license, data storage and backup usage, and choice of dedicated or shared servers, there are tasks you can delegate. An MSP doesn’t have to handle administrative duties or first-level customer support. These are the responsibility of the multi-tenant cloud backup vendor.

Enjoy Exponential Growth

By becoming a reseller who offers resell rights, you can experience exponential growth of your business. There are so many benefits to the license holder that there is no need for outbound marketing strategies such as phone calls or sales visits. A well-run reseller program with excellent products and customer service practically sells itself. With the ability to offer resell rights to others, you can build many profitable distribution channels.

Partner with RingStor

MSPs have more options in how to expand their businesses, such as becoming a reseller of cloud-based services. One in-demand service is multi-tenant cloud backup solutions. If you sign up as a reseller of data backup and storage services, you will create a more profitable business.

By offering a reseller program to your customers who in turn offer the resell rights to their customers, you help other companies to expand. Providing tiers or levels of distribution channels attracts many new customers to your business as well.

To get started as a reseller, partner with RingStor, a well-known data management company. Our multi-tenant cloud backup reseller program provides excellent cloud backup solutions and customer support. Learn more about how we can help you build distribution channels for cloud backup by emailing us or calling (609) 955-3422.

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