Can your data be restored?

The whole purpose of backing up the data is to recover them in case of loss. This sounds straightforward, however, if you dig deeper into this, you will find not all backup software assure this.

Some backup software back up the data but store the metadata info on local computer, the backup is quick as all metadata are local, only data from files is sent and saved to the server side, server does not have any metadata about the backup. In case one file is accidently lost, restore is easy and quick, metadata from local machine is fetched and examined, agent requests relevant data from server and restore the file. This kind of backup software works great as long as the agent and it computer are in good condition. But if the computer is lost, its OS corrupted, hard drive goes bad, etc, all metadata for the backups are lost, thus, none of the files can be restored.

Some other backup software can restore files without agent computer because they store metadata on server side. If the agent computer corrupts, software can examine the server side metadata, fetch data to restore the file. The server metadata can be in form of a database, index, etc. However, if these metadata are lost, or corrupted, backup software won’t be able to search and find correct data to restore.

RingStor backup software stores metadata needed for restore on server side. If the agent and its computer go bad, RingStor backup software is capable of restoring its data. In addition to storing metadata into database and index, RingStor software also stores minimum set of metadata into the storage along with backup data to ensure files can be restored even if server side metadata is lost. So in case of a disaster, all server side computers corrupted, database and index become unusable, as long as the storage where backup data are saved is available, RingStor software is able to restore all the files backed up before.

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