Can Your Private Cloud Backup Handle 4000+ Daily Backups?

An increasing number of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) see the value of having their own private cloud. But you also need to choose a cloud backup application that scales up. With cloud computing, MSPs reap the additional benefit of scalability. Scalability is the capacity and flexibility to change in size and power. With private cloud backup software, scalability accommodates the growing or changing requirements of your customers’ data storage and backup needs.

Select Private Cloud Backup Software with Scalability

When looking for a cloud backup solution for your MSP, choose a program with proven scalability. This is an essential component if you want to grow your business without interruption. Finding software that scales will reduce or eliminate the downtime needed for setting up a new software program that handles a larger amount of data. The best scalable cloud backup software quickly and efficiently scales up or down in size as needed.

Consider Pricing of Cloud Scaling 

A common belief is that scaling up is expensive. However, having a private cloud can be cost-effective. Although some cloud software vendors charge an arm and a leg for their services, if you choose the right vendor you will discover that scaling up doesn’t cost a lot more. 

Keep in mind that some of your customers will increase their data needs, but others may reduce them. Whether moving up or down in size and power, this adaptability reduces the risk of skyrocketing costs even with rapid growth. The cost savings for the private cloud infrastructure can be reinvested or passed on to customers. 

Look for the Capacity of Large Terabytes of Data 

Backing up and storing terabytes of data is a challenge, which is why many companies turn to MSPs to handle the complicated and time-consuming process. As a top private cloud backup software provider, RingStor has powered her MSP clients to manage 4,000+ daily backups. This is the high speed you need as an MSP.

Managed Service Providers with a private cloud provide many benefits to customers such as scalability and reasonable costs for private cloud backups. RingStor has the customization, versatility, and flexibility to handle your digital assets and those of your customers. For more information on our fast cloud backup software, contact us today at (609) 955-3422.    

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