Challenges to backup data for lawyers, physicians and accountants

If you talk to a lawyer why they don’t backup their files to a third party location, the first word you will hear is security. Any slight possibility that their clients’ information could be compromised will bring overwhelming legal issues to them. But backup is critical for any business, the consequences of losing all clients’ files is catastrophic and will put lawyer in legal liability too. Some judicial laws even require lawyer to have a backup stored offsite. It is not just lawyer, any other professionals that fear their data could be stolen are facing the same dilemma.

Some vendors provide a solution to let customers set a personal password to encrypt their files before the files leave the office or home, this personal password is securely stored at local server and not sent or stored outside of the facility. In event of recovery, customer must provide this password to restore the files. This personal password adds more security to the backup solution. However, if not managed well, this brings some problems that could turn into a nightmare. Problem can stem from where, who and how the personal passwords are managed. Have you ever used “forgot password” on web sites that you had an account? This could happen here too, but unfortunately, the vendor does not have the password, nor it can provide a way to reset password because new password won’t decrypt the files encrypted by previous password. Without the correct initial personal password, the backups turn to useless junk of data.

What idea do you have to help lawyers, physicians and accountants to backup their data?

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