Choose Between an Appliance-Based and Appliance-Free Backup Solution

An appliance-based backup solution has been a popular choice for small or personal offices with just one production server to protect. Small businesses often deploy only one Microsoft small business server that is capable of providing adequate file, database, mail and other services for business operations. Each employee will work on his or her own desktop or laptop, and critical data are saved on the production server.

Due to cost concerns, many small business owners won’t purchase another server with the same configuration to serve as a backup. There are also costs involved to maintain such backup server on a daily basis. So when the production server goes down, it is impossible to quickly acquire a different server to restore the production server’s backup and bring it online. Thus, an appliance-based server backup is a natural choice for small businesses. A backup server can quickly restore the production server inside the appliance and bring it back online in a matter of minutes.

However, for midsize and large businesses, there often are multiple production servers in the data center. When backup servers can be acquired via a virtual machine in a few clicks and storage can be allocated on the fly via NAS or SAN, the hardware that comes with an appliance-based backup solution becomes unnecessary. Furthermore, the drawbacks of an appliance-based system arise as major obstacles for midsize and large companies, such as the limited storage, high monthly costs, and service contracts that often come with such devices.

For midsize and large businesses, a pure software solution is the right choice for its flexibility and scalability. In an appliance-free backup solution, snapshots of production servers can be saved and managed at a storage location, where space can be dynamically added. In the case that a production server goes down, IT staff members have the freedom to allocate a physical server or, better yet, just spin off a virtual server. They can restore the snapshot to replace the production server in a matter of a few clicks.

RingStor is a pure software backup solution. It is designed for IT staff at midsize and large businesses with flexibility in mind. IT staff members can dynamically allocate storage and add production servers to the RingStor system to increase backup capacity. RingStor’s U.S.-patented technology is proven to offer super scalability to handle thousands of devices and thousands of concurrent backups. As to the ability to restore a production server, the flexible RingStor solution provides IT staff the choice to restore a snapshot to a bootable VHD in Oracle VirtualBox or Windows Hyper-V in a matter of few clicks. Staff can also restore a snapshot to a physical server.

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