Customization and Multiple Repositories in Multi-Tenant Data Backup

Data backup is essential for any business or organization that wants to safeguard its digital assets. With a growing number of storage and backup options available, it’s easier to recover after a security breach, cyber-attack, or data loss. With a managed service provider (MSP) overseeing your cloud backup needs in a multi-tenancy solution, you’re assured of customizable protection for all the repositories of your business data backups.

Benefits of Multi-Tenant Environments

The main advantage of multi-tenancy is shared services and resources. This cuts down on costs, while also being efficient. MSPs provide several standard and premium services that companies can choose from.

Some of the features of multi-tenancy cloud backup are as follows:
• Scalability –expands in size as your data needs change
• Monitoring – 24/7 oversight discovers any problems immediately
• Notifications - sends a variety of alerts about backup status or usage thresholds
• Affordability – lower costs than dedicated backup servers

Customization for Every Tenant

Each customer in a multi-tenant environment has different needs due to data formats, the volume of backups, company policies, number of users, and other requirements. MSPs provide customization capabilities that ensure that each company gets what it needs from the software. This can be better performance, higher levels of security, dedicated Internet bandwidth, dedicated storage devices, or easier government compliance.

With cloud backup features tailored to each customer, the company has the security and protection it needs should there ever be a disaster.

Different Repository Options

Each tenant or organization on a multi-tenant solution has different storage and backup needs. With different backup repository options available, each tenant can choose the combination of backup storage methods that suit them.

Today there is an increasing number of choices for storing data backups.

• Local or on-premises – store on physical devices such as DVDs, flash drives, HDD (hard disk drive), SSD (solid-state drive) flash drives
• Public cloud – store on shared, multi-tenant environment services like Amazon S3
• Private cloud – store on dedicated or private servers
• Hybrid – store in multiple repositories

Each of these repositories has its benefits, and, in some cases, risks. Although local storage is easy to access, there is a higher risk of damage or loss. Public cloud is affordable, but backup times can be slow. Private cloud with its dedicated storage has faster speeds, but it’s also more expensive and requires more work to maintain and monitor.

Hybrid storage and backup is the best option for most companies. It has flexibility, security, speed, redundancy, and scalability.

The best data backup software provides tailored customization for each tenant in a shared environment. And with multiple repositories protecting your business data, you’re assured that your business will recover from a digital setback.

Why Choose RingStor for Multi-Tenant Data Backup

Multi-tenant cloud backup is an affordable and efficient solution for data storage, backup, and recovery. Most MSPs offer a variety of features useful for customers. But the best MSPs, such as RingStor, provide advanced customization services and multiple repository solutions. These premium features of the software help your company to expand its growth while effectively adhering to changing security policies.

If you need a data management company with customizable capabilities for cloud-based data backup, contact RingStor today at (609) 955-3422 for more information or learn about our products at

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