Data Storage Market Trends of 2022

Data storage trends for 2022 reveal that the storage industry is evolving quickly. With data management and protection being essential, the future also includes the valuation of data. Organizations need to prepare for storage technologies that are more flexible, secure, and scalable. Storage solutions are no longer just about how to store data and where. It’s about how the value of that data, the lifeblood of any organization, helps you to grow your business.

Global Data Democratization and Storage
With the creation, collection, and transfer of large amounts of data on a global scale, data storage is even more necessary for organization s of all sizes. The global data storage market is expected to continue to grow by 26% from 2021 to 2026 due to the increased use of mobile devices and the higher demand for storage. As more people worldwide join the Internet each year, this results in a greater need for data storage and protection. Meanwhile, the democratization of data allows more and more businesses to gain access and utilize the data and information that was once reserved only for larger companies. This democratization of data helps businesses to make important decisions about company growth and achieve a competitive edge.

Software-Defined Storage
One new trend is lowering your reliance on hardware devices used for storage. Software-defined storage solutions allow you to separate data from its hardware, making it easier to adjust capacity and scale up or down, depending on your company’s needs. These next-generation storage systems offer several benefits. They optimize the hardware for the software stacks while lowering hardware costs and use software stacks that can integrate and work on various brand servers, and on the cloud.

Smart Data Storage
Smart data storage is on the rise. As IT experts deal with increasingly complex infrastructures, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the management and monitoring of data storage is growing. By investing in AI, the machine learning (ML), and deep learning (DL) of AI makes it easier for data storage processes to collect data in various formats and analyze this information to determine its value to an organization.
Automation provides a variety of functions such as changing capacity levels for data storage and predictive analytics of the information. The data storage industry is using research and development (R&D) to create smart technology for data storage. Using AI helps to lower the risks of human errors, improves efficiency, and reduces costs in the monitoring, management, and protection of data.

Knowing the data storage trends for 2022 will keep you appraised of the changes in the storage industry. It will help you to take advantage of emerging opportunities available to organizations in the arena of storing, backing up, transferring, and analyzing vital data and information. Data storage solutions are designed to meet all your goals including understanding the value of the data you access.

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