How to Reduce Data Backup Costs

With the economy still struggling to recover from the pandemic, many companies are looking for strategies to reduce operating expenses. One area to look into is to reduce data backup costs. Although data management for disaster recovery is essential for every business, there are ways to lower costs while maintaining the security of all vital business information.

How to Reduce Data Backup Costs

By incorporating a few or all of the following tactics any organization can cut data backup and storage expenses.

1. Automate All Backups

Automation is an important part of internet security these days. With scheduled data backups, you never miss a backup. While daily backups are usually best, if your data doesn’t change frequently, weekly or even monthly backups might be a better solution for your company.

2. Avoid Vendors That Penalize for Scaling Up or Down

You need a data backup vendor that allows you to scale your business without exorbitant increases in costs. Many vendors provide flexibility as your data needs change, whether scaling up or down.

3. Avoid Legacy Systems

Some company executives and owners mistakenly believe that not updating or upgrading systems is a way to save money. However, this thinking creates costly problems. Organizations need to upgrade both hardware and software because new technologies are more secure and resilient. Acquiring new IT equipment is an investment in the growth of your organization.

4. Reduce Duplication

Although most organizations need multiple repositories for data to ensure business continuity, duplications are unnecessary and waste storage space, which increases costs. Data deduplication is an effective data reduction technique.

5. Compress Data Storage

Another data reduction technique is data compression. Large amounts of data can be compressed to reduce storage space and storage costs.

6. Establish New Retention Policies

Retention policies determine how long you keep certain data in storage. The less data you need to keep, the smaller your data storage needs. While it’s important to retain certain business documents for years, others can be deleted within a few months. Creating good retention policies that meet the needs of your organization is a good way to reduce sots.

7. Use MSPs to Lower IT Staff Costs

Many organizations now use managed service providers (MSPs) to take care of all or some of their IT needs. By outsourcing various IT tasks, you get expertise in the latest technologies as you also lower or even eliminate your costs for salaries, benefits, and staff workstations.

Why RingStor is Your Data Management Solution

RingStor is a well-known data management company that provides data backup solutions for organizations of all sizes. The company offers the products and services you need to keep your data secure, protected, and accessible 24/7. With hybrid data backup and storage, automation, scalability, and the newest technologies, you have everything you need to lower your overall data management costs.

If you want to learn more about how RingStor can help your organization, contact us today by emailing us or calling (609) 955-3422.

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