The Benefits of Managed Data Backup and Storage

Do you worry about data loss or damage? Companies today know that a disaster can come in many forms-security breaches, cyber attacks, natural disaster or human error. To reduce the risks of these events, it’s important to store and backup sensitive business data. The best solution is managed data backup and storage, which offers many benefits to ensure the protection of your data.

The Reasons Your Business Needs Managed Services

There are many advantages to using managed services. With a full-service solution, you have better disaster recovery capabilities. Although data backup and data storage are different, both are necessary for operational efficiency and business continuity.

1. Lower Costs

With managed services, your business saves money in a number of ways. You don’t have to build your own backup system. You save money by needing less bandwidth and less storage space or fewer storage devices. You also have lower IT costs by outsourcing your data management needs. Your IT staff can be smaller as it focuses on other aspects of your business.

2. Access to Experts

Data backup and storage are complicated. Most companies don’t have the time or the personnel to properly monitor its data backup and storage. By outsourcing your data backup and data storage, you have data protection specialists working on your behalf 24/7. You have access to experts who are up-to-date on the latest technologies for backup, storage, and recovery.  Managed services also provide regular monitoring and detailed reporting.

3. Layers of Protection

Data management requires a few layers of protection, both on-site and remote. On-site backup and storage is possible with a NAS device, hard drives, or other physical storage device. (But these can get into the wrong hands.)  An essential second layer of data security is remote or cloud-based backup and storage. Managed services companies provide advanced security measures such as private data centers or cloud servers stored in multiple locations.

4. Improved Productivity

Your managed solution offers scheduled and automatic backups so there is less downtime for employees. Faster restore or recovery capabilities also mean improved productivity.  A company is then more efficient when it spends less time focusing on data management issues. With on-site or cloud backup and storage, your employees have quick access to important business data whenever it is needed.

5. Scalability

Scalability is the ability to use more or less data storage or bandwidth as the requirements of your company change. You have more flexibility and custom services with a managed backup and storage solution. You never have to worry about paying for space you don’t use or not having enough space for your growing needs. Your storage capacity needs are always met.

6. Peace of Mind

Without data storage and backup, your business is more vulnerable to various disasters. With experts keeping your critical data secure, you have peace of mind. You know that if there is ever a problem with lost or damaged business data, your data recovery plan will ensure business continuity.

By using managed data backup and storage solutions, you know your business will survive if there is data loss. RingStor is a data management company that offers remote backup and disaster recovery products. Contact the company today at (609) 955-3422.

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