Where is my backup?

When you choose a backup software, ask yourself these questions: where is my backup? Is it safe?

Different backup software has different answers. For on-premise backup software, such as Symantec backupexec, the backup are saved in local hard drives within your network. While online backup software, such as Carbonite, keep the backup offsite in their remote data center.

As public cloud storage becomes popular to business and individual users, such as Amazon S3, Microsoft Windows Azure, you may sign up for an account, want your backup stored in public cloud for better pricing, reliability and a peace of mind that a remote offsite copy is there in case the local hard drives go bad.

RingStor cloud backup let business to choose where the backup be: local hard drives, or public cloud, or BOTH, in one complete solution.

Local backup comes with RingStor backup program to backup your data fast to local hard drives, and provide quick restore in case of disaster.

RingStor backup program offers a second option to store your backup offsite. Business has a choice of replicate the local backup to Amazon S3, Windows Azure Storage, or RingStor cloud for offsite protection. In case of disaster where local backup are lost, business can recover their data from the remote cloud storage of their choice.

No matter which backup software you will use, make sure you understand where the backup are stored. Does it provide all the protection to your business data in case of data loss?

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