Why MSPs Need Their Own Private Cloud for Data Backup

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), your customers look to you for the best solutions. While you could send them to public cloud backup services such as Azure or AWS, a better idea is to safeguard your customers’ digital assets with your own private cloud backup service. Data backup is essential for every business, and MSPs with their own private cloud have the advantage of offering a higher level of data security, and peace of mind to customers.  

Private Cloud Benefits

When it comes to private cloud computing for backup, there are advantages over public cloud. For one, private cloud is perceived as better than public. With a single-tenant environment, your customers’ data shares no resources with other organizations. Private cloud backup also has additional security measures to ensure the protection of data. There is also more flexibility and customization with private cloud backup than with most public cloud solutions. Although private cloud is more expensive, you have added layers of protection for your customers.

Here are three more benefits for MSPs who have a private cloud.

Higher Customer Retention Rate

Organizations of all sizes worry about data loss, disaster recovery, and business continuity. As an MSP with a team of IT experts, your job is to help customers alleviate these fears and reduce their risks. Many business owners and executives understand the efficiency of outsourcing IT services and the benefits of private cloud solutions. By combining these two in-demand services, your retention rate rises as customers view you as more secure, and they remain with you as their needs grow and change.

More Options for TB Data Backup

Having huge amounts of data to backup can be a problem, especially for the initial backup. With public cloud computing, backing up several terabytes of data is a slow process. It sometimes takes weeks or even months to complete. This is because there are so many issues involved such as infrastructure, bandwidth limitations, Internet speed, Internet connection, and the number of data centers.

Private cloud computing has the capability of moving terabytes of data at much faster upload speeds due to more available options. By optimizing some or all of the processes, faster backup is possible. These processes include preparation, formatting, compression, validation, and encryption of the data to backup. Top services move data quickly from a computer to the cloud.

Additional Service Offerings

As an MSP, you can offer additional services to your customers once you backup their data to your private cloud. You can now offer dedicated services for backup, storage and network bandwidth. Another possibility is offering a cloud backup reseller program. As a full-service provider, other options include having tiers of services at different price points for all budgets. Packaged services are a way to streamline your offerings for one monthly price. With these additional services, you can greatly increase your company’s revenue and profits.

A Managed Service Provider with its own private cloud has more opportunities for both its customers and for its own business growth. As you backup customer data in your private cloud, you ensure the survival of your customers’ digital assets. To learn more about RingStor’s private cloud solutions, contact the company today at (609) 955-3422.

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