Why MSPs Should Use White Label Licenses

Many MSPs offer a variety of services or products for their customers. This is possible because many IT vendors allow MSPs to resell their services and products with the purchase of a white or private labeling arrangement. With white-label opportunities, MSPs can grow their businesses by increasing sales with branded IT solutions such as data backup and disaster recovery.

The Benefits of White Labeling

Managed service providers who purchase white-label licenses acquire a host of benefits.

1. Ability to Provide More Value
MSPs can offer more value to their customers by adding more products or services that their customers want. These increased offerings also make an MSP more profitable.

2. No Need to Develop Own Products or Services
To develop a new product or service from scratch requires a large investment of time, money, expertise, and resources. With a white label license, the product or service is ready to deploy

3. Save Money
The upfront costs of white labeling are minimal compared to the expense of creating the product. There is also the possibility of volume discounts as your customer base grows.

4. No Additional Staff to Hire
White-label licenses provide support for the product or service, so there is no need to hire more employees just to handle the deployment or maintenance of the new offerings.

5. Create Your Own Brand
By branding the product or service with your company name and logo, you bring more value to your business. With each branded solution you build trust with current and future customers. Your brand name improves the chances of customers buying more solutions from your company.

6. Upgrade at Any Time
If you find a new white-label product or service that is better than your current offering, then you can switch vendors but still keep your brand name. Your customers will just know that you have made an upgrade.

What MSPs Need to Look For in White Labeling

When choosing an IT vendor, you need to look for a few things. First of all, MSPs need a product or service that is necessary and in high demand.

Other points to keep in mind when evaluating your options include the following:

  • Has a robust set of features
  • Easy to deploy and use
  • Pay-as-you-go option means you only pay for what you need
  • Ability to integrate with other popular applications
  • A branded customers portal that is easily accessible by administrators and employees
  • Excellent customer experiences

As an MSP that provides data management services, adding white-label solutions is a great way to upsell your current customers and attract new ones. These solutions grow your recurring revenue and profitability. With a branded list of products and services, you establish your company as a comprehensive, one-stop resource.

Why Choose RingStor

RingStor is a cutting-edge data management company that offers white-label licenses for MSPs interested in private cloud data backup and disaster recovery solutions. Call the company today at (609) 955-3422 to learn more about our white-labeling options.

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