Proven Tools to Protect Business: Digital Assets and Recovery Plans

Many business recovery plans struggle to gain traction due to a variety of factors, including; lack of executive sponsorship, insufficient training and testing, and the absence of metrics to track success.  RingStor provides the tools business continuity teams need for effective crisis resolution, making managing disruptive events faster, easier, and more effective.  Tools that take business continuity plans off the shelf and put them at your team’s fingertips for superior operational readiness. Organizations that have invested in crisis/incident management systems report significantly higher levels of crisis preparedness.  These tools are proven to boost BC/DR program success by:

  • Standardizing incident management processes
  • Simplifying team training and test exercises
  • Speeding access to plans, templates and team resources
  • Improving visibility of project checklists and task status
  • Boosting communication speed and accuracy

We recognize that when it comes to backup recovery software, data storage, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. In order to best meet the needs of organizations and businesses, RingStor offers three unique software options to flexibly accommodate a range of situations: RingStor Enterprise, RingStor Vault, and iDataStreams. From incremental local backup to exchange message level backup, we have an option that is right for you. Please note that all of our software is designed to facilitate a smooth backup on a range of different machines and devices, including backup to Amazon S3, backup to Windows Azure, and backup to an FTP server. We are dedicated to providing secure backup for professionals. For assistance choosing the option that best meets the needs of your company or organization, don’t hesitate to give us a call for a free consultation.

RingStor Licenses

This software product can be quickly and efficiently deployed in your facility to offers server and PC backup/recovery to your customers. Read more

RingStor Vault

RingStor Vault is a secure remote backup and recovery solution that utilizes the RingStor Licenses to backup data to the Vault with unlimited vault storage. Read more

RingStor LifeJacket

RingStor LifeJacket is a SaaS solution for organizations of all sizes across all industries to structure business continuity and IT disaster recovery programs. Read more

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