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RingStor, Inc. North America’s premier provider of data SDS backup and recovery (software defined storage) and DRaaS solutions today announced the RingStor BCP, a business continuity planning and management platform and mobile application built to accommodate the SMB organizations. RingStor is easy-to-use for small and medium business customers and helps business leaders plan for, and manage, their response to emergency events like fires, floods, hurricanes and other business interruptions.

RingStor BCP offers a recovery plan template, risk analysis, business impact analysis, document storage and digital infrastructure asset discovery. Additionally, the RingStor BCP provides an SMS function for text alerts to predefined contact lists of employees and vendors.

RingStor BCP is the first application that delivers enterprise-class features and functions to the SMB customer. RingStor BCP not only brings all of the information and tools required to respond to and manage a digital disaster but includes recovery scenarios for nondigital emergency scenarios,” said Dan Kenyon CMO at RingStor. “We are making high-performance disaster recovery available to everyone.”

RingStor BCP works seamlessly with the RingStor Vault and integrates with other management applications to ensure efficient recovery operations utilizing the RingStor DRaaS resources at the time of a digital interruption. Additionally, the full functionality of the RingStor BCP platform provides the customer with an intuitive, user-friendly planning tool that can be applied across multiple departments and physical locations. Easy to deploy, and easy to maintain

The application includes numerous features that improve access and functionality:

  • Risk analysis provides customers the ability to identify risks based on their geography and physical locations.
  • Business Impact analysis provides a clear picture as to the cost of downtime, recovery time coast which provides the business case as to the priorities needed to recover.
  • A complete discovery of all network attached devices including mobile.
  • SMS alert system: Allows users to contact employees and vendors for any reason.
  • Recovery Processes provides managers a clear picture of response categories for Power, Office Space, Communications and Computer Systems that are required to get the customer’s company up and running.
  • Employee Management: Formatted list of all employees based on department, location and calling tree progression.
  • Recovery Process Document Storage: Provides Vault access to recovery process documents from anywhere at any time with enterprise-grade security.

About RingStor

RingStor has been providing our SDS backup and recovery solution – a robust and easy-to-implement backup and recovery solution.  Adding to our product line up is the RingStor BCP solution that provides the organizational recovery solution for an affordable monthly membership fee, providing access to planning tools, backup, and recovery solution as well as our DRaaS. Since 2012, RingStor has provided organizations with an unparalleled success rate for their disaster recovery processes. For more information, visit or call (609) 955-3422.


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