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Multi-tenancy is the foundational process of cloud computing. It operates in degrees that help incorporate all layers of both public and private cloud systems. It offers easy customization between groups and individuals and is capable of delivering full economy of scale.

What Is a Tenant Application?

A tenant is any kind of ... (read more...)

Bare metal backup, or image backup, is a powerful backup and recovery solution. It copies the entire hard drive block by block without working around complex application logic, rather than treating data as bits and bytes stored in hard drive sectors. Subsequent backups can detect and only copy changed blocks. Some bare metal backup solutions go one ... (read more...)

Ideally, IT departments in a mid to large size enterprises prefer to deploy a single backup solution to manage data protection on all devices, ranging from a handful to thousands of devices which include servers, workstations, laptops and mobile devices. In having a holistic and integrated backup, it is easier to evaluate storage capacity needed, ... (read more...)

An appliance-based backup solution has been a popular choice for small or personal offices with just one production server to protect. Small businesses often deploy only one Microsoft small business server that is capable of providing adequate file, database, mail and other services for business operations. Each employee will work on his or her own ... (read more...)

I often hear from MSPs that they are happy to start with a cloud backup software vendor as a result of the features and competitive pricing which is great – they think more margin, more profit for me. Backup runs fine without major issues, initial pricing is reasonable and competitive; however, after running the software for just a few months, ... (read more...)