RingStor Licenses

RingStor Licenses is a private cloud backup software solution focused on multi-platform and multi-tenant data backup and recovery automation. Designed for MSP's, IT resellers/consulting firms, and commercial entities, the solution reduces cost and complexity by creating a single central managed data backup and recovery scenario. Deployed on a Windows machine or accessed via the web, it can be deployed, set up, and configured within hours and provides a holistic data backup and recovery capability, plus it significantly reduces TCO.

Key Features:

  • CENTRAL MANAGEMENT CONSOLE: Core console for managing all data backup/recovery activity, plus...
Multi-tenancy capability
Incremental backup
Bare metal restore
Programmable backup intervals
Offsite backup replication
Historical archiving with client determined restore points
Group and user level backup
Single button restore for PC/Server backup
Reports and dashboards
  • CLOUD SOLUTION CONNECTIVITY: Ability to connect directly to public cloud solutions (Azure, Amazon S3) and;
  • PRIVATE CLOUD PROVISIONING: Ability to use YOUR infrastructure to provision a private storage cloud and;
  • FTP SERVER CAPABILITY: Connects to FTP server offering further versatility
  • MULTIPLATFORM BACKUP: Windows, Linux, Mac, SQL, Exchange, Google, Oracle, and VMWare
  • ONE SOLUTION: Handles all types of backups in one solution and integrates with others via an OPEN API

RingStor Licenses presents a number of unique advantages over conventional backup solutions.

  • No third party hardware dependency
  • Scalability - Running out of capacity? Just add some disks or another server ...
  • ONE solution manages everything, holistic visibility and management
  • Consistent performance including additional speed
  • No capacity restrictions

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