RingStor Licenses

RingStor Licenses is a private cloud backup software solution focused on multi-platform and multi-tenant data backup and recovery automation. Designed for MSP’s, IT resellers/consulting firms, and commercial entities, the solution reduces cost and complexity by creating a single central managed data backup and recovery scenario. RingStor Licenses provides a complete software package that include both cloud side software and backup agent software. It can be deployed, set up, and configured within one hour and provides a holistic data backup and recovery capability, plus it significantly reduces TCO.

Key Features:

Proven Scalability & Stability
Self Service & Multi-tenancy support
Multi-community & Multi-level community support with customizable license & rights
Multi-firewall support
One agent software to support all backup agents
Comprehensive API for integration with Service Provider partners
Cloud on both Windows & Linux
Appliance-free, hardware neutral
Backup and restore with multiple repositories: private cloud, public cloud and local backup
Customizable data retention on both client and data level
Full file versioning control
Block-level checkpoint restart ability for both backup & restore
Reports and dashboards
Fully White-label ready

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