RingStor Licenses

RingStor Licenses is a private cloud backup software solution focused on multi-platform and multi-tenant data backup and recovery automation. Designed for MSP's, IT resellers/consulting firms, and commercial entities, the solution reduces cost and complexity by creating a single central managed data backup and recovery scenario. RingStor Licenses provides a complete software package that include both cloud side software and backup agent software. It can be deployed, set up, and configured within one hour and provides a holistic data backup and recovery capability, plus it significantly reduces TCO.

Key Features:

  • CENTRAL MANAGEMENT CONSOLE: Core console for managing all data backup/recovery activity, plus...
Multi-tenancy capability
Backup Office 365 emails and calendars
Backup Synology, QNAP NAS files
Windows ACL backup and restore
File synchronization
Bare metal restore
Programmable backup intervals
Offsite backup replication
Historical archiving with client determined restore points
Group and user level backup
Single button restore for PC/Server backup
Reports and dashboards
  • CLOUD SOLUTION CONNECTIVITY: Ability to connect directly to public cloud solutions (Azure, Amazon S3) and;
  • PRIVATE CLOUD PROVISIONING: Ability to use YOUR infrastructure to provision a private storage cloud and;
  • FTP SERVER CAPABILITY: Connects to FTP server offering further versatility
  • MULTIPLATFORM BACKUP: Windows, Linux, Mac, Chromebook and VMWare
  • ONE SOLUTION: Handles all types of backups in one solution and integrates with others via an OPEN API

RingStor Licenses presents a number of unique advantages over conventional backup solutions.

  • No third party hardware dependency
  • Scalability - Running out of capacity? Just add some disks or another server ...
  • ONE solution manages everything, holistic visibility and management
  • Consistent performance including additional speed
  • No capacity restrictions

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