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Three Essential Components to Protect Business Digital Assets

What would happen to your business if a disaster were to strike? Could you get back up and running without any losses, or would you lose so many digital assets that you’d never be able to recover?

If you feel like your business would collapse after a disaster, you aren’t alone. Countless businesses aren’t prepared for disasters, and that causes them to put their digital assets at risk. Companies don’t fail to prepare because they’re lazy. Instead, they fail to prepare because most solutions are out of reach financially.

Most, but not all. RingStor Trifecta provides all the protection you need without the cost of expensive hardware. This suite of features is just what you need to protect your digital assets. If you want to stand up to a disaster, it starts with RingStor Trifecta.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

What do you need to do if disaster strikes? You won’t have time to plan during or after a disaster, so you need to use our continuity planning tool that’s available with RingStor Trifecta. This online tool helps you get organized, so you’ll know what steps to take if anything goes wrong. Our system prioritizes the tasks, ensuring the most important aspects of your business are addressed first during the disaster recovery process. We also offer testing for different scenarios, allowing you to prepare for countless situations.

RingStor Vault

You need to protect your data at all costs, but that can be expensive. It doesn’t have to be, though. RingStor Vault is a complete backup and recovery solution for all your digital assets. The vault offers personal, local, and remote backups, and data recovery is a breeze. When you add it to our other services, you will get access to your data in no time if disaster strikes.

Business Continuity Planning

Our Disaster Recovery as a Service ties it all together. This service takes all the planning and puts it to work for your business. RingStor DRaaS recovers data in real-time, so you can get back to work with minimal downtime. This service stays up and running, even during a disaster. That’s because it uses a virtual mode to maintain critical components of your network. You can’t afford downtime, and you won’t have to worry about it when you use this service.

Protect Yourself with the Trifecta

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you only need one of these three tools. The tools work together to provide the ultimate in protection. If you want to protect your business, it begins with RingStor Trifecta.

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