RingStor Trifecta

Three Essential Components to Protect Business Digital Assets

RingStor has assembled the three key components that any business needs to ensure a disaster does not seriously
damage your business or even worse put you out of business. We call it the RingStor Trifecta - RingStor Vault, Disaster Recovery as a Service and Business Continuity Planning:

RingStor Vault

RingStor Vault is a complete data protection solution - application that provides a complete backup and recovery solution for all of your digital assets. Whether you need a personal, local or remote backup for Windows, Linux or Mac the RingStor Vault, coupled with RingStor Licenses software, has your backup covered.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

RingStor DRaaS - so you have planned for outages and you have backed up all of your digital assets - but how quickly can you recover and resume operations. The RingStor DRaaS offers real time recovery by maintaining critical components of your network in a virtual mode within the RingStor Vault. Based on the prioritizing of your processes as defined in the BCP our Professional Services group will have you back in operation in no time.

Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning is the ability to be prepared. By being organized you will save time and money in any recovery effort. The RingStor continuity planning tool is an online solution that provides the basics for organizing contacts, facilities, and digital assets. Our solution prioritizes the recovery process by importance in your operation - even testing based on the various scenarios you might encounter.


  • On site backup utilizing your infrastructure or we can provide an array of storage devices to meet your requirements.
  • Create your own cloud backup either onsite or to your own remote facility.
  • Remote backup to our secure data center using our state of the art storage for fast and easy access the ultimate protection from disaster. The RingStor patented solution accommodates a wide range of different platforms and enables local and offsite backup and recovery, plus private cloud provisioning and public cloud integration, with fully personalized service and support.

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