RingStor’s solution is designed with only one goal – to protect your business. From digital assets to recovery procedures, RingStor provides a unified, cost-effective solution for small, medium and large businesses.

RingStor Trifecta – Digital Assets Protection

RingStor Trifecta supports scalable retention and offsite data backup and disaster recovery to the RingStor Vault with unlimited vault storage or between sites for private replication. RingStor Vault utilizes our state of the art data center that comes with USA patented RingStor License software and hardware required to backup, recover and store your data assets. Customers can choose to maintain and store their data on line, near line or off line. RingStor Trifecta offers:

  • On site backup utilizing your infrastructure or we can provide an array of storage devices to meet your requirements.
  • Create your own cloud backup either onsite or to your own remote facility
  • Remote backup to our secure data center using our state of the art storage for fast and easy access – the ultimate protection from disaster.

The RingStor Trifecta patented solution accommodates a wide range of different platforms and enables local and offsite backup and recovery, plus multi-tenant support and public cloud integration, with fully personalized service and support.

RingStor LifeJacket – Business Recovery Planning

RingStor LifeJacket provides a powerful online tool for business to assess risks, log and track incidents, create emergency action plans and business recovery procedures. The SaaS solution enables business to get organized and prepared for a structured business recovery procedure in event of interruption. RingStor LifeJacket offers:

  • Quantified business risk analysis
  • Call trees and SMS alert in event of interruption
  • Log incident and keep track of responses with text and photos
  • Create online emergency action plans for onsite personnel to follow
  • Create online business recovery procedures for an organized and prioritized recovery

RingStor Trifecta

The three key components in RingStor Trifecta can be quickly and efficiently deployed in your facility to offers server and PC backup/recovery to your customers. Read more

RingStor Vault

RingStor Vault is a secure remote backup and recovery solution that utilizes the RingStor Licenses to backup data to the Vault with unlimited vault storage. Read more

Business Recovery Planning

RingStor LifeJacket is a SaaS solution for organizations of all sizes across all industries to structure business continuity and IT disaster recovery programs. Read more

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