MSPs, Resellers, and IT Consulting Firms

The problem that businesses face is the exponential growth of data and need for rapidly increasing capacity with zero growth budgets. Virtualization only goes so far and adding capacity can get expensive, particularly with appliance solutions. Relying on cloud solely is not a good DR scenario.

Moving toward a software driven storage solution offers more versatility, cost-effectiveness, and a less risky approach.

Look at some of the benefits:

  • Creating internal private storage clouds has proven to be a “profitable and lucrative” avenue for many MSP’s and commercial businesses (clients of resellers/consulting firms)
  • Eliminating multiple provider solutions enables more cost effective, consistent, auditable data backup and recovery capability
  • Capacity constraints are within your control, everything is within your control
  • Rapid deployment and central management reduces cost and offers better management and oversight of the process
  • Onsite, offsite, cloud – all in one solution makes for one-stop management and oversight
  • Configurable to internal and/or client needs; set up customers the way they want to be set up

With RingStor technology solution providers gain a competitive advantage and can do more and offer more with much less for clients.

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