Small Business/Sole Proprietors

If outsourcing isn’t a feasible option for your organization or business, the RingStor Personal Cloud Backup/Recovery solution can help you to turn your own home or secondary facility into a personal private cloud for backup and recovery. Instead of storing data on an appliance in the basement, you can discreetly and securely store your backup on a secondary laptop or server (physical or FTP) within your own private space. A favored option among law firms, medical practices, sole proprietors, engineering firms, and consultants, this solution offers both security and convenience.

The process is easy. Designate a secondary laptop or server as the storage “facility” using RingStor myVault, and then set up your “professional” devices with the RingStor myBackup program. Set your backup parameters, and go! RingStor will provide turnkey setup and support services, so there is never a worry about managing data storage needs. We’re always here to help you.

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