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Cloud Backup: The New Data Storage Paradigm

It's easy to get stuck in a rut. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." That philosophy may work for some things, but when it comes to your company's sensitive data, we can learn a great deal from history. When the World Trade Center was attacked in 2001, more than two dozen companies went out…
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Cloud Backup Strategies: Points to Consider for Business Continuity

With all the threats to networks out there today, it is essential that businesses invest in cloud storage solutions. Unfortunately, the prevalence of such threats also means businesses need to have backup plans in place when their primary backups fail. There are several strategies businesses can implement to prevent disasters when cloud backups go down…
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Cloud Storage vs. Cloud Backup: What You Need To Know

Just about everywhere, companies are using the cloud for file storage. Storing directly to the cloud, as opposed to backing up files on another system, can make life simple for many companies, but must be carefully managed to avoid potential disasters. So, what’s the different between cloud storage and cloud backup? Cloud storage provides on-demand…
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