RingStor Enterprise

Administrative Easy

RingStor makes the administration of private backup clouds convenient and easy for all clients. The dashboard provided is for all administrators and all levels of users. The one centralized desktop user interface creates an environment that allows authorized personnel direct access to important tools and components. Users and admins can perform various tasks based on their permissions or privileges whether it is to view, manage, configure, analyze, measure, or monitor backup and storage activities.

The main function of the dashboard is to present a detailed and unified overview of private cloud data backups. This insight includes automated reports and alerts when problems or issues arise. For security purposes, the dashboard is not accessible from browsers but instead runs locally on a computer.

Administrators can utilize an advanced set of tasks and capabilities customized for the need of each administrator. These tasks include the following:

  • planning backup policies
  • automating and optimizing backups
  • testing backup and recovery activities
  • auditing
  • troubleshooting

RingStor’s administrator and user dashboard is an effective way to perform various data management tasks essential for private cloud backup, storage, and recovery of digital assets.